One little known tip in changing careers after 50 (and if you think about it, really at any age)  is to dip your toe into the new career and job before you commit to making the career change.

Your research should uncover the nuts and bolts of the new career. You should have a good idea what training you might need, what skills are required to be a successful candidate for the job in your new career. It’s also a good idea to talk to others doing the job.

Go through your network and you’re likely to find someone currently working in your planned new career field. Find out the good the bad and the ugly. Learn what routine and repetitive tasks will be required. It’s important to find out the career ladder and the possibilities for advancement.

Many in changing careers have tried the new career part-time, or worked as a temporary employee. This approach will give you a good feel for the new career and can be a valuable addition to your resume. Another valuable approach is to shadow someone, for a day or two, who currently works in the job and career you are planning to enter.

Learn how others at age 50 and beyond, planned career change, changed careers and found jobs in their new career.


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